Utilizing cloud computing technology to its fullest potential in order to achieve improved scalability, reliability, security, and efficiency in today's computing infrastructure, while increasing innovation.

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Leveraging various programming languages to complete tasks and projects efficiently and effectively, based on the strengths and capabilities of each language and the specific needs of the project.

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Implementing a process where code changes are automatically built, tested, and deployed ensuring that new features are delivered to customers quickly and reliably, with minimal manual intervention and risk of error

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Technical Notes, Code Tips, and Day-to-Day Scripts for Software Professionals

As a software professional, I create technical notes, code tips, and day-to-day scripts to document the development process, automate routine tasks, promote learning and growth, and establish best practices. These tools provide valuable information for future reference and improve my efficiency in producing high-quality software systems.

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Home lab servers

Home lab servers set up.

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Configuring AWS Profiles

Configuring AWS profile settings for the Command Line Interface (CLI) provides users with flexibility and control over their interactions with AWS services. One common method is through the AWS CLI configuration command, “aws configure,” which prompts users to input their Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, default region, and output format. This straightforward approach is suitable for basic configurations.

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Jenkins: Frequently used code blocks

Frequently used Jenkins code blocks configured in my Espanso file.

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