Home lab servers

Feb 24, 2024

Home lab servers set up.

Configuring AWS Profiles

Dec 20, 2023

Configuring AWS profile settings for the Command Line Interface (CLI) provides users with flexibility and control over their interactions with AWS services. One common method is through the AWS CLI configuration command, “aws configure,” which prompts users to input their Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, default region, and output format. This straightforward approach is suitable for basic configurations.

Jenkins: Frequently used code blocks

Feb 24, 2023

Frequently used Jenkins code blocks configured in my Espanso file.

Jenkins pipeline Docker agent with AWS ECR

Feb 6, 2023

Docker enhances Jenkins ability to perform various build tasks without having to have the applications or tools installed on the Jenkins server. There are multiple ways Docker agent can be used within Jenkins pipeline. One of the ways are to use Docker images stored in AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) in pipeline agent block.

Terraform flatten function example

Feb 1, 2023

Simple flatten Terraform function example and it’s usage in various Terraform blocks.

Jekyll Tag Plugin Example

Jan 29, 2023

Jekyll custom liquid tag plugin example using Gravatar. Gravatar powers your public profile, visible wherever you post, comment, and interact online.

Code block with decorative window

Jan 29, 2023

Exploring Jekyll Liquid Tag plugins feature to create a fancy code block while still using Jekyll’s highlight tag.

AWS CLI to list CloudFront distributions

Jan 26, 2023

Using AWS CLI command to list AWS CloudFront distributions and invalidating CloudFront cache.

Terraform state in AWS S3

Jan 25, 2023

Managing Terraform state in AWS S3 bucket. Create S3 bucket for storing the Terraform state and DynamoDB for keep the Terraform lock.

AWS CLI to list AWS security groups

Nov 13, 2022

Get the list of security groups in the AWS account

AWS CLI to list AWS VPCs in the account

Nov 13, 2022

Get the list of VPCs in the AWS account

AWS CLI to list AWS EC2 Instances

Oct 16, 2022

Connect to EC2 instance using System Manager and AWS CLI.

Convert Latex document to PDF using Docker and Jenkins

Jun 22, 2021

Convert Latex document to PDF using TexLive Docker image and Jenkins pipeline.

Create thousands of rows of realistic test data

Feb 11, 2019

Oracle query performance testing, analyzing how adding an index impacts the execution plans or testing a ReSTful API pagination needs data. Having a quick way to generate tens and thousands of records is always helpful.

NGINX reverse proxy using Docker container

Jan 26, 2019

Setting up basic NGINX reverse proxy using Docker container. Checkout vessel project on GitHub for some usage examples.

Simple http request using Groovy

Oct 13, 2018

Groovy, one of the best programming language available to run on JVM. I use it everyday for my day-to-day scripting needs. Want to quickly fetch contents of a web page, it can be done in a single line!

JavaScript Arrays and reduce

Oct 12, 2018

JavaScript Array reduce function takes a reducer function and an initial value. Using this function one can aggregate, transform items into a new list etc.

Interesting books I have read

Mar 11, 2018

There are many wonderful books available. These are tiny subset which I found and read.

Must read books for developers

Mar 11, 2018

Books every developer must read.