Must read books for developers

Books every developer must read.

Mujahid Khaleel
Mar 11, 2018

Books every developer must read.

The Imposter’s Handbook

  • Rob Conery

The Pragmatic Programmer

  • Andrew Hunt
  • David Thomas

Design Patterns

  • Erich Gamma
  • Richard Helm
  • Ralph Johnson
  • John Vlissides

Effective Java

  • Joshua Bloch

UML In A Nutshell

  • Sinan So Alhir

Mastering Regular Expressions

  • Jeffrey E.F. Friedl

Taming Java Threads

  • Allen Holub

Designing Data-Intensive Application

  • Matin Kleppmann

The Object-Oriented Thought Process

  • Wolfgang Haerle

Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook

  • Evi Nemeth
  • Garth Synder
  • Trent R. Hein
  • Ben Whaley

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